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If you’re looking to lose weight, then the Diet Doc 50 Days to Your Best Life! System, with one-on-one nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle consulting, will teach you how to understand nutrition and what’s best for YOU and your body. You will be able to achieve your health and fitness goals through science-based, flexible, and sustainable nutritional approaches, not cookie-cutter online meal plans. You will learn to be your own best nutritionist.

And if you’re an athlete looking to find your perfect physique for your next competition or exceed athletic demands, then a customized nutrition program, tailored to your goals, will get you in your best shape ever.

I’m glad you found us.

I am excited to introduce myself and my company Total Athletic Nutritional Consulting.

My name is Michael Landon, owner, coach, and nutritional consultant for Total Athletic Nutritional Consulting.

We're an affiliate and licensee of “The Diet Doc” Permanent Weight Loss Program and “Team Klemczewski (Team-K)” contest prep program, with headquarters in Evansville, IN and San Diego, CA, and licensees throughout the world.

Weight Loss

Research has shown that although exercise alone is not an effective weight-loss strategy, it is crucial in weight maintenance. The majority of adults who begin a diet find themselves gaining back almost 98% of the weight they lose.

With the Diet Doc 50 Days to Your Best Life! System, you will receive one-on-one nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle consulting wherein you’ll learn to understand nutrition and what’s best for YOU and your body, and you will be able to achieve your health and fitness goals. Long term sustainable success is the goal.

Contest Prep

With 20 years, almost 400 pro cards, more than 100 titles, and countless lifetime best conditions…Team-K is where it all began.

Dr. Joe and his team of specially trained contest prep coaches will help customize a nutrition program tailored to your physique goals.

With detailed support, continuous monitoring, and ongoing adjustments, we will help you look your best…

Jessica B (Team-K Client)

Mike Rocks! He helped prep me for my first female bodybuilding competition and I could not have done that without him. I continue to work with h...
Jessica B (Team-K Client)'s full testimonial

Dyan R (Team-K Client)

It’s a pleasure working with Coach Mike. I chose him to coach me because I have witnessed friends he previously worked with that succeeded with...
Dyan R (Team-K Client)'s full testimonial

Jonny V (Team-K Client)

It was a great experience working with coach Mike. I got to compete in 2 Mens Physique shows this year and with his help, and earned my IPE Pro...
Jonny V (Team-K Client)'s full testimonial
How to Eat Intuitively on Vacation to Minimize Bodyfat Gain while in Competition Prep!!
Coach Michael
October 04, 2017
(ABS/HIP FLEXORS) Single Leg Cable Knee In's to hit Abs and Hip Flexors at the same time.
Coach Michael
May 04, 2017
(LATS) Do you want that V-taper??? Then you have to do these Pull-ups!!
Coach Michael
May 05, 2017
Coach Michael Landon and the Diet Doc/Team K Seattle are back again. If its not obvious yet, coach Michael is doing pullups in this video, but he's doing them at an angle that gives...

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